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Bulletproof vest FDY-05

Product Item: FDY-05
Protection level: NIJ III,IV
Ballistic plate is available
Bullet and Stab proof Double effect available
Product Manual:Bulletproof vest FDY-05

1 Ballistic Material UHMWPE,KEVLAR/TWARON
2 Carrier Material Strong nylon or polyester carrier
3 Portection Level NIJ IIA,II,IIIA,III,IV(III and IV need hard insert plate)
4 Size S/M/L/XL,or customized
5 Protection Area 0.26-0.52 m2
6 Vest Carrier Models FDY-05 Serie: Standard model, protect Front,Back
FDY-06 Serie: Concealable model, protect Front,Back
FDY-07 Serie: Sides Model, protect Front,Back,Sides
FDY-08 Serie: Full Model, protect Front,Back,Sides,Collars,Shoulders,Groin
7 Color As required

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