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Fast Helmet FDK-2F-HD-02V

Product Item: FDK-2F-HD-02V
Material: Dupont Kevlar
Level: NIJ IIIA-9mm
Weight: 1.6kg
With NIJ V50 detachable visor
Product Manual:Fast Helmet FDK-2F-HD-02V


Fast Helmet FDK-2F-HD-02V

* Helmet Material: Dupont Kevlar

* Visor : Imported First Class Strengthen coating PC, make it Scratch proof, Impact proof,

             Visor is quick detachable with tool free

              4.5mm/5mm/6.5mm thickness Visor is available for choice

              V50, shotgun proof ,bullet fragment proof Visor     

              Transparency :93%

* Liquid proof TPR Bar above the visor to stop 

* Level: NIJ IIIA-9mm

* Net weight Weight: 1.6kg

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