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Police Motorcycle helmet MTK-2L

Full face motorcycle helmet
Color::White/Navy Blue/Black/customized
Visor :Material PC
Shell material: PC & ABS
Product Manual:Police Motorcycle helmet MTK-2L

Full face Police Motorcycle helmet MTK-2L
* Construction :Shell、Cushion layer、wearing sets、Visor
* Wearing set: Strong and comfortable strap,Quick release buckle,affordable tension 136kg
* Transparence :≥85%(measured value 92.1%)
* Penetration resistance :Test on standard point 6.8.3,Piton will not penetrate shell
* Absorb impact energy: Peak ground acceleration≤300g,around 150g,action time<4ms,The shell should no gap
* Anti-fog: No fog on surface,After abrasion visor haze less than 2.5%( measured value 1.91%)
* Shock resistance of Visor: Weight:1g, Diameter:5.5mm lead bullet,Speed 140-170m/s,Visor should no break
* Net weight of helmet :≤1.6kg   (measured value 1.41kg)
* Standard: Meet GA295-2001

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